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I make the process of getting your knives to me as easy as possible. To make it simple, I offer two ways for you to get started!

Local Drop Off

Mail-In Service

Drop off your blades at our shop any time using our convenient locking drop-off box! Safe and Secure - and convenient!

Get Started

Box up your blades and mail them to us for a quick turnaround. We’ll return your blades using a USPS Flat Rate Box.



Chef Knives

Residential or Commercial

price varies

$8.00 per regular knife

$10.00 per serrated knife
(Not equipped to sharpen micro-serrated blades at this time)

Knife E.R.

Chef Knife Repairs and Re-profiling

$5 additional

this includes: broken tips, bolster reduction, edge re-profile, nick and gouge repair

call if you have any questions

Woodworking Chisels and Hand Planes


Blades cleaned, backs lapped, and edges squared

Garden Tools


Includes: Loppers, pruners, shovels and more.

  • Prices depend on tool. (Please call with any questions)

Hedge she

Hedge shears $15

Hatches and Axes


$5 additional for polished edge and oiled handle


$5 additional for polished edge and oiled handle

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