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Our Pricing

Kitchen Knives

$7 per knife
$9 for serrated knife blades (not micro-serrations)

Woodworking Chisels and Hand Planes

Blades cleaned, backs lapped, and edges squared

$7 to $10 per tool

Pocket Knives

mirror polished edges

$20 per knife ($10 if not mirror polished)


disassembled, cleaned and lubricated when possible

$10 per scissor

(Not equipped to sharpen hair shears)

Hatchets and Axes

$10 per hatchet or axe edge (single vs double-headed)

$5 additional per edge for polished edge and oiled handle

Garden Tools

Loppers, pruners, shovels and more

$7 per tool and up, depending on tool.

$15 hedge shears

(Please call with any questions)

Knife Emergency Room Repairs & Reprofiling

$5 additional per edge

Lawn Mower Blades

Precisely sharpened and balanced

$10 per blade or 3 for $25
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