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Mail In Sharpening

Fill out and submit the form below. Be sure to include any special requests or comments in the form.

Pack your items securely into a sturdy box, affix our shipping label, and mail using your preferred shipping courier.

Be sure to put your name and address on the shipping label.

When I receive your items, I will email you details on payment (accepted payments are Cash, Credit Cards, Check or I can send you a Square invoice). Your items will be sharpened for a fast turnaround, and we will ship them back to you as soon as we receive payment.

Mail Sharp


1. Wrap items in kraft paper, bubble wrap, newspaper, foam, or other packing material and secure them in a sturdy cardboard box. Include sheath if applicable.

2. Close the box and shake to ensure there is no movement. If there is movement, insert more packing material.

3. When secure, seal all seams with packing tape.

4. Attach the shipping label.

5. Mail using your preferred method.
(We suggest additional insurance and will include the same insurance amount when return shipping)

Mailing Address
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