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We help you avoid extra work by sharpening your dull knives, scissors and garden tools so you can tirelessly cut and slice with ease and enjoyment.You can schedule a time to drop off your knives and tools for sharpening. They'll be ready in a few days, sharper than ever! Phil Jackson at the Tormek T8


Precision sharpening means that your blades will be sharpened to accurate and correct edge angles and the sharpness will be correct for the purpose of the blade. I use state-of-the-art equipment and measurement instruments to assure that your knives and tools are right when they come back to you.
When I receive your blades I will look at them and evaluate their condition for sharpening and get a price for you, including return postage for mail-ins. I'll fix any dings or chips first. Once you say "go", I will sharpen them and let you know when they will be ready for pick-up or return by USPS.

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Let's Get Started! Phil Jackson of Jackson Sharpening

My Propfessional Sharpening Machines

Tormek Water Cooled Stone Sharpening System

Jackson Sharpening - Tormek T8 This Swedish designed and manufactured machine achieves exacting edge angles by using a water trough and whetstone like wheel which eliminates the risk of ruining the temper of your blade through overheating the metal.

Laser Goniometer

Jackson Sharpening - Laser Goniometer This Device measures the primary and secondary edge angles of a blade with laser accuracy. It lets me know what angles your tools are currently sharpened to. I can correct them if needed or grind exactly as the factory intended them to be.

EdgePro Guided Whetstone System

Jackson Sharpening - Edge Pro This precision device hand delivers accurate and mirror finish edges when hand-sharpening folding knives and high-value knives.

Variable Speed Belt Sander

Jackson Sharpening - Ken Onion BGA This machine reprofiles blades and is the starting point for re-establishing the apexes on heavily worn and dulled blades.

Edge-On-Up Sharpness Tester

Jackson Sharpening - Edge-On-Up Tester - Bess Scale This amazing scale allows me to measure just how sharp your knives are when they reach the shop and then again when they are going back home with you. It utilizes the BESS Sharpness Testing Scale.

The All American Sharpener

Jackson Sharpening - All American LawnMower Blade Sharpener Precision apparatus made in the USA that provides guided-edge grinding accuracy for professional and home lawnmower blades. Jackson Sharpening - ER Room - Fixes Knives Don’t throw out your damaged blades! Let us look at your chips, bends and broken tips because we can often put them back into service for you! Schedule Service Now!
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